THIS IS a cool site developed jointly by Shell and Ferrari that takes fans right into the heart of the team’s F1 garage. It is not only for hard-core fans but especially for those who are new to motorsport and eager to get an insight into the high-tech world of Formula 1.

At the site, Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered, you are given a tour of the operations of the Ferrari team and the Shell trackside lab. It is an interactive and lets you control where you want to go, whether it’s to the Mission Control room where all the data collected from a Ferrari car during a race is analysed, the pit wall or the main garage.

At the click of a mouse on a selected icon, you are given a whole range of easy-to-understand information or video, from what goes on each day during a race weekend and the parts of a car, to what Kimi Raikkonen likes about Shell.

This unprecedented F1 team site is to commemorate a new agreement signed just before the Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix between Ferrari and Shell that makes the petrochemicals giant the Innovation Partner of Sceuderia Ferrari.

The new deal will give Shell a permanent technical staff presence at Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters as the two partners increased their cooperation inside and outside of Formula 1.

So go to Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered and enjoy. I am still discovering the site and loving every minute of it.