From diamonds to grapes, scion of Bulgari has come a long way. PHOTO The Peak


SITTING ON the sofa after a day of meetings, he shifts his gaze towards the bay. The late afternoon sun casts long shadows on the gleaming waters and he takes in the stunning view from the 29th floor of Ocean Financial Building.

The 41-year-old Roman murmurs something about the imposing Marina Bay Sands and less than 24 hours after jetting in for his first visit to Singapore says the city is enchanting.

But he is out of his element. He is a country boy and his mind drifts to Tuscany. It’s early June and the leaves and fruits are halfway to harvest time. His attention turns to three bottles on the table that carry the name of his vineyard: Podernuovo a Palazzone.

The Therra is a Tuscany red blend, Argirio a cabernet franc and the Sotirio an impressive pure sangiovese.

Closer scrutiny of the bottles reveals in soft grey that jewellery and luxury giant Bulgari chairman Paolo Bulgari and his son, Giovanni, own Podernuovo in a 5 and 95 per cent shareholding.

“This is my project,” Giovanni, tells The Peak. “In the market, the Bulgari name in a way means very special products, very special jewellery, very high quality and this helps because I belong to the family.” Continue reading here


First published in The Peak