Lose weight for free at Sports Hub

Zumba is one of several daily Experience Sports offered free to the public at the Sports Hub.


ONE WOULD have never guessed Samuel Sng used to weigh a hefty 135 kg two years ago.

After having lost 49kg by not eating ‘two portions of everything and being mindful’ of what he eats, Samuel decided to go on an exercise regime to lose more weight. Since participating in the Experience Sports FITBIT sessions in February, he lost another 15 kg.

“Eighty per cent of my weight loss efforts (to the current 71.2kg) came from eating right, but I decided to exercise to elevate the results,” says the 33-year-old.

At 75kg in June, Samuel went on to lose another 4kg by exercising regularly. Photo: Samuel Sng

Samuel started losing more weight after embarking on an exercise regime. He weighed 75kg in May 2016, then 71.2kg in August. Photo: Samuel Sng

Samuel exercises six times a week and normally rests on Mondays, doing most of his exercises at Sports Hub’s Experience Sports like Boot Camp on Tuesdays, Zumba on Wednesdays, Kickboxing on Thursdays, Yoga on Fridays, Boot Camp on Saturdays and Cardio Blast on Sundays.

Samuel believes that varying exercises throughout the week is a way to push the various muscle groups to keep working non-stop and achieve a leaner body.

“Because of the variation of daily exercises, the body has to keep up with the different levels of intensity and burn more calories. Once the body notices the routine, the body will not work as hard it should be to burn calories,” he advises.

There’s no particular favourite Experience Sports that Samuel enjoys. But if classes clash, he would go for Zumba.

“Every Zumba session allows me to perspire plenty (way plenty) because I always put in 300 percent of my efforts to make exaggerated movements. The high energy workout lets me walk away from the session feeling great.”

Samuel is now so familiar with the moves, he has often been picked by instructors Hasina and Erica to front a song in the hour-long class – a stark difference when he first started.

“It was left hand and leg up at the same time,” he recalls. And it doesn’t help that Sng was never an exercise buff before embarking on his regime at Experience Sports.

But for Samuel, ‘zumba is all about having fun and not feeling shy or feel that you can’t dance.  It’s all about letting loose and having fun while you workout’. Such attitude helped him overcome the awkwardness at his very first class – when he was the only man out of 50 to 60 participants.

Since then, the class has swelled to 160, with plenty of space remaining for even more participants at the 100Plus Promenade outside Gate 2.

And no one seems to be shy about their two left feet – not even the men that have since joined, or a five-year-old girl accompanied by her mother.

The inhibition is easy to shake off, thanks to the largely informal setting of the class – just fill up a form on the Sports Hub website, turn up in sports attire, find a comfortable spot, and then Zumba – for free.

Energy emanating from instructors Hasina and Erica extends to volunteers like Samuel showing the rest the dance moves also helped. From Salsa, English Pop, Indian to Japanese music, participants are led by instructors and seasoned participants including Samuel.

The freelancer – who works as a health and wellness coach, trainer in various hospitality training institutes and schools, a voiceover artiste and emcee, is finding another new vocation. Currently training to become a Zumba instructor – Samuel aspires to lead his own Zumba class like his mentors Hasina and Erica in the near future.

For the uninitiated, Samuel says consistency is key to fun with Zumba.

“The first few lessons may be a little challenging, but once you get the feel of Zumba, the sky is the limit.  Ditch the workout, let loose and have fun. ”