Schooling, a trailblazer for Singapore sport


FOR AN Olympic champion from a country that had never had one, Joseph Schooling attracted an unexpected rush from companies who raced to honour him with advertisements in newspapers and retail incentives.

The overwhelming response from businesses can be interpreted as capitalising on the toil and success of an athlete they were never part of, but it could also turn out to be a windfall for Singapore’s sports.

It is an unexpected return from Schooling’s journey to gold in Brazil that took 15 years and $1.5 million his parents, May and Colin, paid out of their pockets.

It can benefit athletes, especially those from families without financial resources, who often have to abandon a similar Olympic dream because not many companies consider sports in Singapore a viable investment.

To keep this door to potential funding open, Schooling’s task is now to dispel any notion he is a flash in the pan and that the type of work he started is the real deal. And this means more blockbuster success at the highest level must follow as he envisions them.

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First published in The Peak on August 17, 2016