FAS elections: First ever in 125-year history?

FAS election 2017, is not the first time the president and office bearers are selected at the polls.


EVERY NEWS outlet has been reporting that today’s FAS election of office bearers is the first in the history of the national sports association.

But the Straits Times archives tell us a different story. Whoever wins today, the president and his council will not be the first elected office bearers. The last FAS election was held on December 29, 1965, when Abu Bakar Pawanchee was picked as president during the association’s annual meeting.

The earliest election of office bearers, as far as records tell us, was held on August 3, 1894, two years after the Singapore Amateur Football Association was formed. The NSA was renamed Football Association of Singapore in 1966.

The 1960s were a chaotic decade for Singapore football, and when the FAS fell into bankruptcy from 1966, the Government launched a takeover of the NSA in June 1968. Serangoon MP Lenny Rodrigo was appointed President, along with his council members. No election was held since then.

Selected election years, and related events since the formation of the Singapore Amateur Football Association in 1892

1894190819501952195919621963, 1965

1967 (FAS in bankruptcy)

1967 (charges that polls were rigged)

1968 (government takes over council and management of football)