This site was created on September 8, 2015 and like building a home, I am going to put this place up brick by brick. What this means is that I’ll take a step at a time to generate content and shape the way it looks. Those very first steps were taken in time for the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix.

A point to note: From time to time I’ll post stories written by guest writers or third-party sources, if they are of interest to readers. Unless a byline is given to these posts, everything else is written by me. I am also still a professional journalist and the stories I am commissioned to write will be posted in brief in this blog and you will be pointed to where to read the full article. Or if it is a paid-subscription website or only available at the newsstands, where to pay for them.

This site serves as a one-stop destination for all my writings, whether it is here or elsewhere.

A little about me. I was a Senior Correspondent with MediaCorp and Today newspaper for 14 years, and left them in September 2015. Many may be familiar with my coverage on Formula 1 and the many exclusives I filed, especially on the series of breaking news from March 2006 to January 2007 that Bernie Ecclestone and Singapore were in talks to bring the race to the island. And it would be the first night race for F1.

Those reports attracted global interest and were carried by wire agencies and news outlets around the world. My work on that culminated in writing the book on the history of the Singapore Grand Prix from its non-F1 guise (Formula Libre) in the 1960s and 70s to just before the first race here in 2008. That book, published by Today, was sold out within a couple of months.

SGP 50 years

The Grand Prix: 50 Years in the Making (published 2008)

But I am not only a motorsports journalist. I’ve written and commented on other sports, particularly Singapore football. I’ve also reported on politics, travel and entertainment, but I intend to continue my sports work here, now as an independent journalist, and from time to time with other media outlets. I am also regularly writing on other non-sports topics, especially with The Peak.

To contact me, please send your emails to: ian@iandecotta.com

September 8, 2015